Retail Client
A company was faced with significant cost increases to their long-term disability program for the coming year. Believing we could reduce their current long-term disability and life spend by at least 25% we reached out to them.

We learn what’s inside. Rather than simply bid the business, we analyzed all the components of risk and developed strategies to mitigate it.


Don’t take our word for it, believe the numbers. We reduced their costs by over 30% and enhanced the company’s benefits.

  • Using a “risk segmentation” strategy we removed the poorly performing division from the risk pool and placed the bad risk in a non-experience rated contract.
  • We provided options to help with the subjective claims and to try to return employees to work sooner, resulting in further savings.
  • Our absence management specialist helped the client take a closer look at possibly developing solutions to prevent disabilities in this group.
  • We were able to position a re-enrollment strategy for the supplemental life, which led to greater savings on the basic life.

The client retained our firm to review their self-funded/self-administered short-term disability program.

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