Absence, Disability & Life

An aging workforce and a fraying social safety net are two reasons why Disability and Life programs are becoming more expensive for employers, and more important to employees.

We have a solution. With both cost savings and little to no disruption to your operations, we can make disability and life benefits into one of the most rewarding investments you can make for the financial well-being and satisfaction of your employees. We’ll review every aspect of your benefits strategy including; plan design, funding structure, carrier selection, contract arrangements, and pricing levels. Then we’ll recommend short- and long-term savings, and enhancements to bring more value to these benefit offerings.

Because the STATUS QUO won’t work 

This is how we get results:

Underwriting Review and Market Assessment - We leverage our comprehensive analysis to appropriately position your plan/risk within the marketplace to obtain the maximum results.

Ongoing Claims Review and Forecasting - We examine current and past claims experience to project future trends that will help you confidently move forward with financial budgeting and plan design.

Vendor Engagement - We engage with your vendors to ensure that best practices are being employed to effectively impact costs, reduce administrative complexity, enhance communication, and leverage data to drive initiatives that will result in improved outcomes.

Benchmarking - We provide a variety of benchmarking data, including peer group comparison, plan design best practices, funding strategies, and more.

Our focus on these programs, our resulting scale, ability to innovate, and expertise, result in our services being a competitive advantage for your organization.

Also, disability utilization can provide a unique window into other avenues for medical cost savings through our Absence Management programs and services. 

Absence Management

Loss of productivity, increased compliance risk, higher medical costs, reduced revenue, and bigger operating costs; all these occur to varying degrees when employees are absent from work. Our absence management and data analytics professionals work with employers in assessing current practices, identifying opportunities, and quantifying results. What occurs after that is the important part. Employers achieve sustainable improvements in the area of those scarcest and most precious of resources (the human kind).

What we understand is how employers should manage disability programs, statutory leaves, and other forms of employee absence. We know the connections between disability incidence and medical costs. We know the vendor marketplace, what capabilities exist, and how to access them. We can help and we will. We’re ready to talk, so give us a call.

Absence impacts organizations in lots of ways, almost none of them positive

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