Global Workforce

Our Global Workforce practice was created to take on anything – simple or complex, large or small, expat, international, local, national – we do it.

Offering strategy when you need it, or highlighting gaps that may surprise you, your global consultant will deliver high-level thinking and guidance for execution so you can focus on the big picture. It doesn’t matter if you have three people in three countries or 30 offices around the world, you call one person and the work gets done.


The global network of insurance carriers you’ll have access to is delivered through Asinta. They foster an alliance of the finest local employee benefit consultancies that cover 100 countries around the globe.

Specific Global Workforce services include:

Corporate Strategy - Our advisors guide the way through entries into new countries, advising on local benefits standards and costs, identifying key risks and providing risk management solutions, assisting with due diligence in mergers and acquisitions.

Global Benefit Management - Full global benefit audit and data management services allow you to see all your benefits in detail, managing costs and storing data in a single, secure environment.

Global Consulting - Benefit strategy and review services help ensure worldwide compliance and efficiency. Other competencies include healthcare and well-being, actuarial services, employee benefit captives, as well as pooling of insured employee benefits and retirement assets.

International Mobility - Full consulting and implementation services for medical, retirement, and other benefits for internationally mobile employees.

Local Consulting - Advice, implementation, and plan management services in over 40 countries, covering healthcare, employee benefits, and retirement.

Investments - Full-service, strategic investment counsel, and actuarial advice, as well as fiduciary management, risk management, and discretionary portfolio management services.

Across the country or around the world, we provide a complete range of employee benefits consulting. We lessen the hassle of employing workers in other countries, whether they’re next door or eight time zones away.


Make getting to the relevant data fast and easy.

Drop cumbersome, legacy systems and adopt International-IQ, our mobile international benefits data app. It pares down benefit data to what is actually useful, which makes data entry and upkeep simple. It’s easy to use and available whenever and wherever you need it – on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

The tool features a simple, clean display and quick navigation to maximize usability. International-IQ captures data on insured benefit programs, retirement plans, perks and allowances, and leave policies. It also features a renewal calendar and summary graphs of your firm’s global benefit spend.

We help you to populate and maintain your insured global benefit program data as part of our standard global services. At a minimum, the data is refreshed upon each renewal. Additionally, we help you with data collection for non-insured programs. This ranges from requesting primary documents and entering data into International-IQ, or simply providing an “over the shoulder” review of the data you enter into the tool.

Contact your Alliant advisor or call your local Alliant office and ask for a demonstration.