Health & Productivity

We’re living under a healthcare system with few economic incentives to promote or maintain good health.

Unhealthy employees are significantly less productive than their healthy counterparts. There’s no question that employee health is a key driver of your organization’s financial health.


As pioneers in this space, we developed a proprietary process-driven approach to create tailored, effective, measurable health and productivity programs based on your organization’s employees, culture, and budget. Our highly experienced team of clinicians and wellness consultants help you design, implement, and measure ongoing results for your health and productivity program. Employees are engaged through tailored communication strategies and incentive programs that help them make informed care decisions and healthy lifestyle choices.

Our clients with a long-term program like this in place have claims costs that outperform trends and report positive cultural shifts. It just makes good business sense to let Alliant create a custom program that boosts the health and security of you and your employees.

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