Voluntary Benefits


Our goal with Voluntary Benefits is to make them a tailored, self-sufficient offering that is highly valued by your company and its employees.

So when we recommend a Voluntary Benefit program to you it will be done as part of an overall benefits strategy that’s adjusted for the different generational expectations within your workforce.


The ideas we show you will give employees what they want at a good price for you. They will be set in the context of a five-year strategic plan to maximize services received, carrier commitments and price stability. Our approach will also take into account your current operating and administrative system capabilities. That’s important, because if they don’t, they can actually be damaging to your overall benefit offering.

Further consideration will be given to the carriers’ abilities to integrate with current vendors, systems and other third party providers you use.

Our Voluntary Benefits team will also manage the implementation and ongoing performance from your chosen Voluntary Benefits program vendors.