Who We Are

At Alliant, we’ve created an organizational culture full of high-energy, talented, creative professionals who are dedicated to solving your challenges.

We promote an open atmosphere where new and innovative ideas are constantly developed to help you tackle those distinct challenges. We are a team of dedicated professionals who stay with you each step of the way, giving you access to technology and resources without cumbersome barriers.

In an era of new challenges, seen and unforeseen, we are passionate professionals who are:


In the face of rampant cost increases, a rocky economy, and healthcare reform, we help our clients navigate the blind spots to define the next generation of employee benefits.


We understand the complex mix of stakeholders impacted by your benefits program strategy, from your employees, to management, to the boardroom. We help you deliver a program that keeps you competitive in your industry, helps you attract and retain employees, and promotes the values key to your organization’s success.


We believe in the value of listening and partnering with you to find the best path forward. By truly understanding your situation, we can chart a plan that realizes your specific goals and objectives.


Our skilled professionals embrace our culture of on-demand, high-value service. This isn’t just about returning your calls quickly. We respond thoughtfully with well-reasoned, cogent answers to your questions.